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Product Grid widget

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Highlight products in a specific collection or manual selectp products with the Product Grid block. Display up to 12 products in a two-column, grid layout.

Here's what you can customize for this widget

  1. Edit data: You can change products strategy here, two options : Manual select products , Products by collection
  2. Max length: Maximum number of products
  3. Style

1. Show Vendor: Show/hide vendor below product title

2. Show Sale Percent: Show/hide sale percent on product price

3. Image Fit: Image fit is used to specify how an product image should be resized to fit its container

4. Image height: Product image height

5. Spacing X: Horizontal spacing of items

6. Spacing Y: Vertical spacing of items

7. The number of columns on mobile screen size: Products per row, screen size < 768px

8. The number of columns on tablet screen size: Products per row, screen size >= 768px

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