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Migrating Your Existing App to Cart In Red

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To migrate your existing app from a different platform to CartInRed, we can update apps over an existing app on the App or Google Play Stores within your developer accounts.

Here's what to expect when you migrate your existing app to CartInRed:

  • CartInRed can update over your existing app using the app Bundle ID.
  • Once updated, users who have opted-in to automatic app updates will have their apps updated overnight on WiFi.
  • If users do not have auto-updates enabled, they can go to the App store and click 'Update'.


We recommend that you post on social media or communicate with your customers through email campaigns to inform them that you have released an app update. This will help get those users who do not have auto-updates enabled on the latest version of your app.


For Google Play app updates, you may need to reset your app upload key so that CartInRed can update over your existing Android app. But don't worry, we have you covered and your Implementation Specialist will advise you as needed on this process.

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