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Generating a Privacy Policy Page

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A privacy policy is a statement or legal document that discloses some or all the ways you gather, use, disclose and manage your customers' data. And, without one of these, you cannot host an app in the App and Google Play Stores.

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  • Learn how to create a privacy policy

Create a Privacy Policy for your Shopify Store

  1. Go to Shopify’s privacy policy generator
  2. Scroll down and check the box that states “I’ll skip the Shopify trial for now. Just create my policy.”
  3. Enter the required information and select ‘Send me my privacy policy
  4. Once your privacy policy is created, you will need to create a new page within your website and link the privacy policy to the footer of your site. For more information on how to add this as a menu item, please see this article
  5. After you have created a page for your privacy policy, please update your ‘App Listing’ in the CartInRed Dashboard.


You are required to have a privacy policy listed on your live website, in order to submit your app to the Apple and Google Play Stores. Please note, without one, your app will be rejected for approval.

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